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Laura Dieter is an artist from the Peepeekisis Cree Nation, she is inspired by First Nations culture and the natural beauty of Canada. Her works purpose is "for healing and creating dialogue for awareness with our issues today, specifically within the Indigenous community".  Her work is bold and versatile, using mediums of mixed media at times but most Acrylic painting. Laura has been inspired by many artists within her own family, teachers, traditional dancers, writers, actors.  Her family lineage includes Treaty Chief signatories and Chiefs within her home community of Peepeeeksis First Nation.


Laura's most notable Accomplishments have included:

  • Creating a cover for Auntobiography by Beatrice Wallace (Wolf Women)

  • Defend Dignity of Canada (Raising Awareness on the realities of Sex Trafficking in Canada) 2018

  • Creating a logo for an Essential Oil line for the Cultural Exchange Store in Pembroke, ON. 2019

  • Creating a cover for the Center of Excellence for Women’s Health- FASD training Manual 2020


The art shared by Laura Dieter is her creative and intellectual property, please do not reproduce artwork without express permission from her to do so.


Please enjoy the images, thoughts and expressions of Laura on her social media pages and check back regularly for updates and new artwork.


If you are interested in purchasing her art or you would like to discuss a commission art piece, please contact her at -

 Residential School
Narrative 2021

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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The Girls

The innocence and bond these young girls must have had during a tragic time in these schools. Stories from my Mother and Aunts have been told how their friends and siblings would protect them from older and meaner girls or boys. Often huddling together around a girl in order to protect her from being picked on or abused. The loyalty was tight.

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The Runaway

My Dad ran away from boarding school (File Hills Residential School) when he was 12 years old and caught a train to Brandon, MB. Sadly, many attempted. A famous story of Charlie Wenjeck was told of his attempt, He never came home. My Father did. Thank God.

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Prayer Warriors

Speaks to the many prayers and Healing that has and is taking place through this journey within our communities. The many prayers that are going up..Great healing is taking place. There is Hope.

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We are Home

This piece speaks to the grand homecoming of these children, whom are seen in the eyes of our God..Creator as His children and in the image he created them, as indigenous and of his image.

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This piece speaks for itself as the recovery and number of hidden graves are rising in Canada. A great awakening is happening and unfolding in Canada. The children are indeed saying..We are finally found.

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