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A Call for Reconciliation within the Canadian Christian Church to: 

1.  Return to the original teachings of the Hebrew Bible before anti-Semitism contaminated the pulpit and fragmented the sacred texts

2.  Make a commitment to deliver Indigenous Corporate Training to your congregation

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This Call to Action is being made from the traditional territory of the
Lək̓ʷəŋən(Lekwungen)-speaking peoples, known today as the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations
I am honoured to be here
I will conduct myself respectfully in gratitude 

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70 BCE - present

The Call

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Read the Call First

Heading 1

Spread of the Jewish Diaspora - Useful Charts.png
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From what perspective do you view the world around you? Do you have any basis? Perhaps you don't even know that you do! What is your current view of Israel? Do you know where that view came from? Check out this presentation and see where you stand.

What's Your Perspective

Currently Editing video to correct info below

Correction - The Two Row Wampum Belt Treaty
was made in 1613, not 1913

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Individual Commitment to Reconciliation

You don't need to wait for your church to re-align, start with you and help other's along the way. This is your witness.

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The Israel Bible Centre and the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies have opened their doors to the West. You can now become a student for credit (exams) or non-credit (for your own learning) to gain access to invaluable resources that will equip you to learn your Bible in a completely new way. 

Join the Israel Bible Centre for a less formal experience and gain access to webinars such as the one below on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Or sign up for a weekly online magazine. This week's edition was on Jesus and the Essenes.

~ Heart of the Nations does not get any physical benefits from the recommendations that are given nor do any of these people/organizations/Institutions have any participation in this Call. Heart of the Nations stands alone in the presence of two or more witnesses. ~

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Courses on the New Testament, the Tanakh (what we so rudely named, the Old Testament), and the Land

My Courses.png

My current informal courses

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Anti-Semitism from the Church's Founding Fathers  
(in the video below at 10:30-23:45)

Dead Sea Scroll Studies

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What does 'the church' mean to you? How does your understanding of 'the church' affect Christian lives?

Read a critical theory piece from a believer's point of view on 'the church'.

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Jewish Studies for Christians

(13-book series)

Kindle Edition

The Samaritan Woman Reconsidered 2 by Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg.png
The Samaritan Woman Reconsidered by Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg.png
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Council of Nicea - Passover Cover Up.jpg
Council of Nicea - Passover Cover Up 3.jpg
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Anti-Semitism in Middle Ages Results in Buring at the Stake.jpg

Exerts taken from various teachings by Chuck Missler. Research on anti-Semitism in the early church was conducted by Ron Matsen, also of Koinonia House.


for churches

Reconciliation Ideas



Commit to organizing or supporting groups for your congregation's individual commitment to reconciliation while corporatly committing to further exploration into the material found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Additional Resources



Present "Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples" to your congregation as a starting point for a deeper understanding and how you can work towards a common goal

Take 4 self-guided Indigenous Awareness training courses and strongly encourage your congregation to do so as well

  • First Steps as an Indigenous Ally

  • Indigenous Awareness

  • Reconciliation 101

  • Indigenous Relations

Indigenous Corporate Training Logo.png

Repurpose your Church to be an outreach centre with Indigenous leadership leading the way to reach the Indigenous communities in your town, city, and province

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One Church, Many Tribes.png
John 13, 34-35 - Love One Another so Everyone Knows You are Representing God.png
1 Corinthinans 13, 4-7 - Love does not boast, proud or dishonor others or self seeking.png
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Open your Doors to Indigenous Leaders in your Church

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A Guide to Terminology.png


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Heart of the Nations Commitment to Canada's Spiritual Realignmnet
Since January of 2022, I have taken some classes at the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies. I have since been invited to join the Master of Linguistic Context of the Bible program.  This will equip me with the tools I need to read and understand the Bible in its original languages, Hebrew, and Aramaic. and Greek.

I will then be able to read the ancient texts from a land and ancient Faith perspective which is different from today's Judaism and Christianity perspectives. It is Heart of the Nation's intent to provide education on the ancient Israelite heritage, their collection of implicit and inherited ancestral beliefs and understandings of their common ancient origin and history, customs, institutions, ways of life, and the general worldview shared by most descendants of Jacob...never opposing the original scriptures.

In addition Heart of the Nations will have the ability to teach Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic and Koine Greek to First Nation, Metis and Inuit communities for those interested in reading the original script.

My first Linguistics class starts on March 23, 2022
First Class of Linguistic Context of the Bible - Israel Institute of Biblical Studies_edit

Learn Biblical Hebrew to Gain Scripture Binah

Study Biblical Hebrew Graphic.png
Learn Hebrew and Enrich your basic Understanding of the Bible.png



"The Hebrew word אָדָם (adam), which is translated as “Adam,” simply means “human.” There are other words for “man” in Hebrew, such as אִישׁ (ish) and גֶּבֶר (gever), but אָדָם (adam) best signifies the idea of “humanity.” The word אָדָם (adam) is connected with several other Hebrew words. This connection clarified its meaning for the original readership of the book of Genesis – the ancient Hebrews understood something we generally do not. Two words connected with Adam are אָדֹם (adom) “red” and אַדְמָה (adamah) “ground, earth,” which show us that the basic meaning of Adam’s name was somehow associated with both “redness” and “ground.”

Another word, דַּם (dam) “blood,” comes from a different root but has similar sounds and thus may have sprung to mind via association.

Hebrew Insights from Revelation.png

"The book of Revelation is a first-century Jewish document that recognizes Jesus as ultimate Emperor of worldwide Empire. For many centuries, the interpretation of Revelation was almost solely in the hands of those unfamiliar with Jewish language, context or culture. Therefore, the cultural and linguistic disconnect was substantial. This book begins to remedy this situation by returning the Book of Revelation into its original Jewish and Hebraic contexts, without ignoring it’s Greco-Roman setting as well".

Hebrews 11:9–10. "Diaspora Judaism often described God as “architect” and “builder” (cf. 3:4) of the world. Like philosophers who could compare the cosmos with a city, Philo saw heaven (or virtue or the Logos, the divine Word) as the “mother city,” designed and constructed by God; one could not look for the heavenly Jerusalem on earth. Other Jewish people saw the new Jerusalem as the city of God for the future age (Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.; see comment on Gal 4:26); on its foundations, see comment on Revelation 21:14. Compare also Hebrews 13:14. Old Testament texts like Psalm 137:5–6 and New Testament texts like this one suggest that Christians’ future hope is inseparably connected with Israel’s history, and Christians do biblical tradition a great disservice to cut it loose from its historical moorings in ancient Israel."

Craig S. Keener, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1993), Heb 11:9–10.

Learn the right context and re-read your Bible in the process
It will change your entire spiritual walk and start you on the narrow path
How we got our Bible - Cover.png
How we got our Bible pricing.png

Chuck Missler's Where We Got
Our Bible

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When is the last time you had an in-depth study of the Old Testament? Do you know the origin of the scriptures you read? Do you think that it matters what version you read?  

The Old Testament is the record of a nation; the New Testament is the record of a man, and that’s what the Bible is really all about!”
― Chuck Missler, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

“It’s not our job to save souls. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job. If people come to faith, it’s because the Holy Spirit regenerated them in their innermost being. He made them new creations in Christ.”
― Chuck Missler, The Physics of Immortality

Chuck Missler's Study on the Book of Daniel - Pg. 1.png

Thanks to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we now can piece together some of the original teachings. Yeshua, His disciples, and John the Baptist knew the Qumran/Essene teachings intimately. Many of the ancient manuscripts are referenced throughout the Bible. The Qumran community was most likely started by a group of Levitical priests from the Order of Aaron, a faithful group of Zadok priests who disagreed with the compromising Pharisees of the Hellenistic period, so they left the corrupted Temple with their library to live in the Judaean Desert. They did this to keep morally, spiritually and ritually pure. They rejected the riches and comforts of the fallen world and shared all wealth communally while conducting benevolence work among the poor and downtrodden. The priests in the Qumran community were intense in their law of purity because they did not have the sin sacrifices anymore. They were also scribes and made copies of the texts for the Essene community.

The larger community of Essenes dedicated men from the priestly Order of Aaron answered God's call to prepare the way in the desert for the Messiah and whose own Community Rules display a firm understanding of New Testament concepts before it was even written. It would be most probable to say that John the Baptist was a priestly member due to who his father was, although it seems like he danced to the beat of his own drum. Yeshua was an Ioudaioi (Judean/Jew) Pharisee but knew all about the different Essene communities around the area (the first churches in my opinion) and utilized one of them for the last supper (Mat 26:17; Mk 14:12–21; Lk 22:7–13). 

The Way vs Christians.png
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Yeshua used His divine authority to serve, not to be served. He came to give, not to take.
There were no underlining motivations for selfish gain. 
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These assemblies ate meals together and shared their lives while tending to their communities less fortunate and oppressed. They were a community within a community who lived their lives according to the ancient scriptures and the new teachings and example of their Messiah.


With this knowledge, I boldly step out from under your spiritual oppression and control. In Institution or business terms, it's time for the Canadian Protestant branch of Christianity to bring in the change management team and prepare for a much-needed cultural re-organization. I leave you with Chuck Missler's farwwell and Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around and pray for a spiritual awakening within your hearts and churches. You are much needed in what is to come, repent and re-join the race.

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Taking it Back to the Beginning

An intellectually stimulating study series on the book of Genesis (11 of 24)

Clay Pot that Housed Dead Sea Scrolls - Replica.png
Dead Sea Scroll Background.png

The Dead Sea Scrolls 

Learn about the ancient festivals that we lost when our solar calendar was replaced with the lunar calendar

Dr. Ken Johnson - Christian Scholar and Teacher on the Dead Sea Scrolls using Christian Theology.

Bible Facts Book Store.png

Gad the Seer

Essene Beliefs

Monday Night Studies

The Meeting of Abraham and the Mysterious Melchizedek Priest of Salem

The Meeting of Abraham and Melchisedek.png

Who was/is Melchizedek

Heart of the Nations Celebrates First Nations Version of Eph 1:15–23


15 Ever since I heard of the trust you have in Creator Sets Free (Jesus) and your deep love for all of his holy people, 16 I have never stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you when I send my voice to the Great Spirit. 

17 I pray that the Father of honour and beauty, who is the Great Spirit of our Honored Chief Creator Sets Free (Jesus), will gift you with a spirit of wisdom to know him deeply and understand his mysterious ways. 

18 I am asking him to shine his light into your hearts so you can clearly see the hope he has chosen us for and the beautiful treasure he has in us, his holy people. 

19 I pray he will show how much greater his power is for all who put their trust in him. 20 This is the same power he used when he brought the Chosen One back to life from the dead and gave him the seat of honour at his right hand. 21 This is a high spiritual place greater than all rulers, authorities, and powers. It is a place higher and stronger than all names that can be named, not only in this world but also in the one that is coming. 

22 This is how he brought all things, seen and unseen, under his loving power and made him the elder of his sacred family. 23 This sacred family is his body on earth, made whole by the one who gives everything and everyone their full meaning and purpose. 

First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament (Downers Grove, IL: IVP: An Imprint of InterVarsity Press, 2021), Eph 1:15–23.

First Nations Version.png
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Two Row Wampum Belt - a Symbol of Sovereignty,
a treaty is made when one is given
The Two Row Wampum.png
Lion of Judah_edited.jpg

You say that you are our father, and I am your son, we say 

We will not be like father and son but like brothers.

[Our treaties] symbolize two paths or two vessels,

travelling down the same river together.

One, a birchbark canoe, will be for the Indian People, their laws, their customs, and their ways.


The other, a ship, will be for the white people and their laws, their customs, and their ways.

We shall each travel the river together, side by side, but in our own boat.

Neither of us will make compulsory laws nor interfere in the internal affairs of the other.

Neither of us will try to steer the other’s vessel.”

From a 1613 agreement between the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and representatives of the Dutch government, declaring peaceful coexistence after the Dutch's failed attempt at a patriarchal relationship

The Haudenosaunee have kept the agreement to this date.

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We are all siblings
Help Advance Reconcilitation Education

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