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The Pope's Scheduled Visit to Canada (June 24-29th)

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In a Global News at 10 in Regina Article, it is stated that the Pope "apologized for the church's role with residential schools".

This is not accurate - Words Matter
What was actually said is the following:

On April 1st -
the Pope apologized for the deplorable conduct of church members involved in the residential schools. 

This is therefore a misrepresentation of the facts and a sugar coating that is not deserved

In a statement made on June 23rd,  Archbishop Richard Smith, the general coordinator of the papal visit to Canada said, "We know that the Holy Father was deeply moved by this encounter with Indigenous peoples in Rome earlier this year and that he hopes to build on the important dialogue that took place"

It's 2022 the first school was opened in 1831. That's 191 years of "knowing" what was going on within the Christian/Catholic church. If the holy father was only so deeply moved starting this year.. this shows an outright lack of acknowledgement , lack of remorse, lack of love, lack of compassion, lack of truth and LACK OF RESPECT.

If the general public catches this slight of tongue, what do you think is going on in the hearts and minds of Indigenous people across Canada? The apology is not genuine, it is a play on words that cannot be ignored. 

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Update: Pope’s visit to Canada limited by health issues, time but confirmed through itinerary

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Elders at Regina’s Caring Hearts support program are using land-based healing, sharing circles and other traditional healing processes to help Indigenous people through bereavement and as an act of reconciliation.

Formerly known as Regina Palliative Care Inc., then Regina Greystone Bereavement Center, and now Caring Hearts, it’s a program that provides counselling services and support to people who have suffered significant death loss.

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