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National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 21st

On summer solstice, we celebrate the diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples - their unique heritage, language, cultural practices, spiritual beliefs and
resiliance as a people

As part of my own reconciliation work, I have mapped out where my families settled in Canada, a.k.a Turtle Island or Kanata. One of the territories was of the Niitsítpiis-stahkoii ᖹᐟᒧᐧᐨᑯᐧ ᓴᐦᖾᐟ (Blackfoot / Niitsítapi ᖹᐟᒧᐧᒣᑯ). I have done some learning and have been following for up-to-date news. Today is a good day to share some of my findings.

In the News

Siksika delegation builds relationships in the UK as repatriation of cultural, sacred items begins

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs_edited.png
Siksika Repatriation of Culture.png
Siksika Blackfoot Historic Land Claim.png

Abraham Maslow spent time at Siksika then went on to develop a foundational concept

“Naamitapiikoan” was the name given to Maslow during his six-week stay at Siksika (Blackfoot Reserve) in the summer of 1938. This visit completely changed his perspective on human motivation, resulting within a decade in the development of his hierarchy of needs, his notion of self-actualization, and his theories of organizational synergy. His knowledge gathered from Siksika has shaped the disciplines of psychology, education, business, and management as we know them today."

Land claim settlement

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After further research, I found out that June  21 was the summer solstice. I had been taught that anything to do with the sun was pagen and just to stay away from it entirely. But because of recent findings on how the church was formed over the years and the ancient texts that have been removed from the Bible, and replaced with the enforcement of 3rd century anti-Semitic views and interpretations ... I decided to venture out and look into it. June 21st "is the day with the longest period of daylight. For generations, many Indigenous peoples and communities have celebrated their culture and heritage on or near this day". Indigenous Corporate Training. Check out what I found out about the original Adamic festivals, feasts and sacrifices.

Summer Solstice.jpg

Learn about the original summer solstice & the ancient festivals of Adam

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 Inuit, First Nations and Métis Canadian Heritage

Some may not have heard about National Indigenous Peoples Day. It's not a statutory holiday so doesn't get a lot of attention but it's been around since 1996 when the Governor-General of Canada, Roméo LeBlanc, through Proclamation,  declared June 21 as National Aboriginal Day.

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"We owe the Aboriginal peoples a debt that is four centuries old. It is their turn to become full partners in developing an even greater Canada. And the reconciliation required may be less a matter of legal texts than of attitudes of the heart."

~Romeo LeBlanc, February 23, 1996

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This happened because various Indigenous groups and leaders worked hard for it. It's a shame that it had to be the marginalized (to say the least) group that had to work so hard for this recognition, but they did and deserve every statement of support submitted. On June 21, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement announcing the intention to rename this day National Indigenous Peoples Day. The whole month of June has  been dedicated to National Indigenous History Month since 2009. Most haven't heard about this until this year. I had to look to the experts for help myself.

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Paintings by Laura Dieter

Ways to Celebrate & Honor First Nation, Inuit & Metis Peoples on
National Indigenous Day 2022

11 Ways to Celebrate 

Events Happening
Coat to Coast

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First Nations_edited.png
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Current Action Against Discrimination

Ottawa Indigenous People Face Discrimination In Accessing Health Care

Types of discrimination that came to light in 2020 and are being dealt with in the British Columbia Health System

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Published Thursday, February 4, 2021 2:01PM PST

Responses to Report:

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The Report

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