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On this National Day of Atonement, scroll down for some critical thinking on how we can recover our humanity and disregard a dominant superiority mindset - Queen Elizabeth IIs death, the fall out of intergenerational trauma and a possibility for forgiveness during
the Jewish month of Elul in preparation for Harvest Moon fall feasts and today, Yom Kippur, National Day of Atonement

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In order to restore humanity, there must be acceptance of other's ways
You don't have to agree with someone's beliefs to treat them with respect and kindness

A new Hijri Calendar for Muslims

1st Muharram of Hijri
1444 AH

July 30, 2022

The Transformation of Islam

May the beginning of the Islamic New Year bring you more opportunities to prosper and progress, such as your praiseworthy accomplishment below:

Women lead prayer in Islam

"Today, women are having an equal position with men, or it is commonly said emancipation, due to the growth of our environment. Islam is allowed women to have an equal position with men to compete in the fairways as long as the women are not misguiding in their ways.

Here we can say that women are not always staying at home anymore doing their work. She is allowed to make a career as long as she does not abandon her obligation in Islam. Along with growing emancipation, today, we can see that women have careers as Ustadzah or as leaders in religious activities such as Ngaji, Tahlil or Yasin etc. Read more about prohibition during menstruation in Islam 

women must know."

(This must be very similar to Indigenous customs as a woman during her time is not to participate in certain ceremonies)

Nowadays, Muslims commonly see women leading prayer in a religious community, both on formal and informal occasions. There are many occasions in small religious communities when women lead the prayer. 

First Significant Day - July 30 - 1st Muharram of Arabic 1444AH - Muslim New Year

Happy Muharram, the Islamic New Year, new Hijri year 1444.jpg

August 28th on our 2022 calendar is the beginning of the Jewish month of Elul - Month of Repentance and Mercy

Rosh hashanah (jewish New Year) - Traditional symbols.jpg

 The name of the month Elul, like the names of the rest
of the Hebrew calendar months, was brought from the
Babylonian captivity, and originated from the Akkadian
word for

Month of Divine Mercy and Forgiveness

The month of Elul - Aug 28th until Rosh Hashana - Sept 26th (Jewish New Year) is 30 days of preparing our hearts for judgement day. 

Saskatchewan Aurora
(Northern Lights Across Saskatchewan Sept 2-5)

Northern Lights - Crystal Lake - Sept 4, 2022.jpg
Northern Lights in Regina (Hastings Girl) Sept 2nd maybe 2.jpg

Regina, Saskatchewan

Northern Lights - Courtney Lake (Sept 5, 2022).jpg
Northern Lights - Regina, SK.jpg
Northern Lights - Nemeiben Lake, SK (Sept 3, 2022).jpg
Northern Lights - Wakaw Lake (Sept 4, 2022) I took this 19 hours after it was taken - Sund

September 4th separated families at James Smith Cree Nation, Wakaw and Weldon but demonstrated selfless acts of bravery by community members that will not be forgotten

September 4-7th demonstrated hope as the Saskatchewan RCMP worked with the communities. Melfort RCMP being the first responders 

In Memory of Sask Victims.jpg
End of 4 day manhunt for Myles Sanderson in Saskatchewan.jpg

September 8th - Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96

Coronation Day for Queen Elizabeth II.jpg
Harvest Moon.jpg

During the Harvest moon and in preparation for fall feasts during the Jewish Month of Elul (Month of Divine Mercy and Forgiveness), please pause and consider if this is the right time for forgiveness in your heart.

Harvest/Corn Moon
September 9th to 11th

Autumn Equinox
September 22, 2022

Decorative Lines_edited_edited.png
In Support of Queen Elizabeth's Death on September 8, 2022.png

If non-Indigenous readers are confused as to how something like this could happen, please read my 2009 university paper for more information on the Intergenerational Legacies of Saskatchewan Residential Schools
to gain a deeper understanding.

Finding forgiveness is one of the hardest things toe do but holding onto unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies

We only punish ourselves, our children, and our children's children by holding on to bitterness and resentment until the one(s) who hurt us "deserves our forgiveness." Read the education piece on the Doctrine of Discovery below to see that this may never happen. 

The season for forgiveness is here, so we take this step together for the sake of our own balance & happiness and that of our families and their families to come

Did you know that observing the equinox and solstice (just called different names) was disregarded when Christianity was forming? These observances and the feasts that followed have been around since the days of Adam and Eve. 

 a heritage of humanity from our oldest ancestors

It is unlikely that today's Christians know anything about all the damage that was done when Christianity as a religion was first formed and even after.  Many misconceptions have been implemented into Christian theology, both strategically and through unchallenged human error. There are different motivations but the most destructive ones were due to intense anti-semitism at Christianity's onset. The slight twists that man has put on divine subjects/concepts have purposefully moved Christians away from Jewishness. This has had a negative ripple effect for both.

This education seeks to shed some light on these important misconceptions. However, due to the old teachings of the Christian church (with which I am very familiar), I feel obligated to say that 
these educational pieces would be deemed 'heresy' and deceitful, even though they are backed up with historical and Biblical facts. This is full disclosure as it is not my intent or desire to deceive anyone - I aim to do the opposite. The importance of separating what the 'church' or man deems as heresy and what the Scriptures deem as heresy is of utmost importance. We have moved so far from the Holy Scriptures, which are the blueprint to having a good life! Therefore, the original Word of God is the only authority against which we should
 measure our acts. Not man's interpretation of them.
Educate yourself or reach out, I'd be happy to discuss.

For Canada to live up to what it's bragged to be - the most culturally diverse and free country in the world - we must first find common ground on basic foundational subjects such as spirituality. We must disregard superior/narcissistic/holier than thou and unScriptural theology and return to the original intent and text.

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year.jpg

Rosh Hashana begins at sundown on Sunday, Sept. 25 and ends at sundown on Tuesday, Sept. 27 the “head of the year” is the Jewish New Year. It is a time of inner renewal and divine atonement.


The Jewish calendar's most solemn day, the day of Atonement,
is devoted to communal repentance for sins committed during the previous year. This year is a special year because Elul, Yom Kippur & Sukkot fall in line to present a 40-day repentance and atonement period

Beginning five days after Yom Kippur, Sukkot is named after the booths or huts in which Jews are supposed to dwell during this week-long celebration. According to rabbinic tradition, these huts are what the Israelites dwelt in during their 40 years of wandering in the desert after escaping from slavery in Egypt.

The origins of Sukkot are found in an ancient autumnal harvest festival 
Hag ha-asif, “The Harvest Festival.” 

Rosh Hashanah - Spiritual Discription.jpg
Rosh Hashanah - Spiritual Discription 2.jpg

A Poem of Spiritual Reflection

Staight & Narrow Path to the Son.jpg
The One Who Sought Got
Howling Wolf_edited.png
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