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Did Someone Say "Cancel Christmas"?

Perhaps there's a better solution ... Here's the letter that I sent to Santa this year

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Research on Jesus/Yeshua's real Birthday

Spelling Disclaimer: I have learning disabilities which spellcheck helps hide but when I present my research in raw format it is what it is ;)

The above notes were taken while watching "Listening to the Land of the Bible"

one of the pre-recorded courses that are offered by subscription at the Israel Bible Centre

Additional Research

Herod’s Death, Jesus’ Birth

and a Lunar Eclipse

Who was Saint Nicholas

How Ancient Tradition

Changed Over Time

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On December 24, 1914, a true Christmas miracle happened on the Western Front of WWI. Young soldiers had been fighting for several months and were promised to be home for Christmas. When this didn't happen, the soldiers put their weapons aside and celebrated Christmas like brothers. 

What other holiday spirit produces such peace? 
Can humanity afford to suppress the potential of it happening again?

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